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Our goal is simple, we believe everyone should be allowed access to all software and you should not be held back by price!

In the current world we live we are flooded by massively over priced software licenses and a fine example is Adobe with there £238.42 price tag per year for Photoshop.
This is one of the reasons we wont stock their products as a 2 year subscription with CC is under £1200!
During a recent survey we found most people end up searching cracks or keygens and opening themselves to all sorts of problems..
We also were able to see a large number of users leaving Linux and making with switch to Windows!
This is why we set out to make software licensing affordable and credit to Microsoft for allowing their software to be distributed free of charge.


Its about the price!

We do stock new software licences for customers that simply want them new but we cant control the pricing due to our agreement with Microsoft for fair competition pricing.
However when it comes to reconditioned or refurbished licenses this is where we can absolutely help.
We can now legally offer licenses taken from discontinued hardware for a much lower price.

Our donor units are discontinued and decommissioned inside the European union in which the licenses are reclaimed and the previous motherboards are destroyed.
It is legal for our business to purchase these licenses and resell these within the United Kingdom/European Union. 
Please don't confuse Lizosoft`s license`s with those awful illegal 1000 use Volume multi access keys floating around on eBay and Facebook.


keeping it fair for everyone!

Why should a business professional embarking on a career change be able to take the job from a another guy who simply cant compete because he cant afford the software to submit his port folio?
For a copy of Office Home & Business and Windows 10 Professional from PC world will set you back at £414.98 which is a lot to pay for the average person.

This is also 1 user and a direct download so dont think you'll be getting a nice little box as Microsoft want to move away from this old idea.
Now here at Lizosoft you will get the same licenses with the same uses and downloadable for £43.98 that's a saving of £371.00 and that's all down to refurbished licenses.


Stay safe online

When it comes to Anti Virus software it can be very confusing so we have simplified it!
Instead of looking for a firewall, Anti Virus then add blockers we looked for all in one products and it has to be about full protection and staying safe online!


Our Support.

Lizosoft offer a free of charge help center for customers to comply with section General Restrictions 1 (d) of the Microsoft re-seller agreement.
Our help centre that we called Lizohelp is full of pre-filled questions and answers! Its not full of usless questions and answers but answers that matter to your sale!