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How to Install/activate Office 365


To download office 365 you will need to head on over to
Once you are there your going to need to sign in with your account you have purchased from Lizosoft.

Before you login:

Remember, to sign out of any email address your signed into.

On your first ever sign in, your required to change the password as we have only set you up with a automated temporary sign in.
Make sure you type your new password very carefully.
Its very easy to make a mistake, please take caution.
( we recommend you put the password in a text file and paste it in to prevent mistakes )

  Please note, you can NOT change your sign in email address.

This is only a login email, not a real email address and thus doesn't exist.
This of this more as a sign ID such as numbers and letters.
This is for security and assigned to you by us,
You can however add your own email to the outlook app that comes with the Office.

Once your logged in your going to want to download the application.

Please uninstall all previous office on your pc before continuing, including all shortcuts.
Make sure your signed into the correct account.

Some users are asked to verify for extra security, to do this just put the alternative email in where asked, wait for the code, enter the code and done.
You can also use your mobile phone which gives you extra security.

Still looking for a detailed guide to install?


You can easily find your way around the control panel to download the desktop apps.
Any questions, let us know.