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System Builders

Lizosoft recognises the importance of system builders.
We have those that build budget laptops and those that build high end gaming Pc's. The ones that don't make a great profit on return we have put togeather nice deals on OEM so they can build low end laptop/pc's won't be out priced by retail software.
This is when OEM really comes in handy and allows the PC builders to retail there for example £99.99 laptops to families with low income so everyone gets to work at home without a financial headache.
We always try to offer good deals on software to make your hard work more rewarding.

Our new PC builder bundles give you many options and online security with trusted antivirus and internet security
Our student packs allow you to retail your PCs to students at a low cost to include online security, Office suites and Windows 10 so everyone can work at home safely.
We supply OEM and reclaimed OEM licenses so you can get the right license to match your budget.
We also offer full stickers and CD packs direct from Microsoft here

Please get in touch with our business team to help you get the right licenses