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Norton AntiVirus Plus 2021

  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spam
  • Firewall (PC and MAC)

and more.... Everything you need to be safe online.


Plans Protection for PC or Mac Protection for 1 PC, Smartphone or tablet Protection for 3 PCs, Smartphones or tablets Protection for 5 PCs, Smartphones or tablets Protection for 10 PCs, Smartphones or tablets
Virus, malware, spyware and ransomware protection
Password Manager
Firewall for PC and MAC
PC Cloud Backup ( ) 2GB 10GB 25GB 50GB 75GB
Parental Control ( )
Secure VPN
For 1 PC, Smartphone or tablet For 3 PCs, Smartphones or tablets For 5 PCs, Smartphones or tablets For 10 PCs, Smartphones or tablets
SafeCam ( )


Marks Statement
Norton Cloud Backup and SafeCam features are only available on Windows.
Requires your device to have an internet data plan to be turned on.
Norton Parental Control features are not supported on Mac.


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Meeting the toughest needs of the internet..

Norton Internet Security provides antivirus, plus Internet protection that allows you to safely go anywhere online.
An exclusive mix of patented protection works together, creating a defensive barrier that neutralizes even the sneakiest online threats.
It intercepts viruses, email spam, and dangerous downloads.
Repels identity thieves and keeps your passwords and personal information private.

Raises the red flag on phishing sites and dubious social media content, links, and scams.
Scours and disinfects the nastiest infections
Removes unnecessary files and fine-tunes startup settings to restore PC horsepower.


 (Enrolment with Norton is required)*.

*Enrolment - Credit/Debit Card or PayPal required for activation (Auto-Renewal direct with Norton) can be switched off at any time.
Norton advises of renewal price 30-45 days before the end of the subscription.
This gives plenty of time to review your current subscription & protection plan & to adjust or cancel your auto-renewal with Norton if you wish to.

You can cancel anytime ( even seconds after) you wish and simply renew with another product key when the eyar is up.


System Requirements

Platform: Windows/Mac
Processor: Symantec UK Ltd
Device: 1




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Activation Methods

Online Activation

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Phone Activation

This will only activate via the phone automated method.
When using phone vericiation, depending on the type of product, it connects to the activation servers and verifies the license automatically.
Please follow the installation wizzard.

If you encounter any issues, please email support with your activation ID.
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